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Free vs. Non-Free Consultation:
When you contact a Law Office, inform them that you are a Veteran and ask if they can give you a FREE Consultation (Free Case Review) so you can brief the Attorney about your situation without being charged. If the Attorney does not offer you a FREE Consultation, you may want to try another Attorney, or find out how much the Consultation will cost you and be ready to pay that amount.
Retainer (Agreement/Contract):
Once you are presented with an "RETAINER" (Agreement/Contract) by the Attorney, make sure you read it and understand it before you sign it.
No Pay Unless You Win ("Offer"):
Some Attorneys ("Not All") may be willing to represent you and NOT charge you unless they win your appeal, or other representation (Get it in writing). In most cases you have to pay for the legal services, YES, even if you lose. 
*For Legal Advise: Always consult with an Attorney/Lawyer.

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