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STARS OF THE CARIBBEAN, is a Limited Liability Company, also known as ESTRELLAS DEL CARIBE, with domains: and We are a Directory​ and Advertising Company for various business entities, organizations, associations, partners, and individuals. WE ARE NOT A CITY, COUNTY, STATE, GOVERNMENT OR COURT ENTITY. AGAIN, WE ARE A PRIVATE COMPANY.

The entity name(s), domains and email addresses, including: I RENT TO VETERANS LLC,,,,, and, are the property names and nothing more is implied. We do not rent to Veterans or anyone else. We facilitate Veterans with landlord, real estate, realtors and leasing agent information so as to assist with their searches for rental properties.

We want to remind you that only lawyers (attorneys) are authorized to give legal advise or legal opinions pursuant to applicable State, Military & Federal Laws.


​Any information provided to you via this website(s), web page(s), or the websites and web pages of our members, unwitting members, associates, unwitting associates, affiliates and/or unwitting affiliates, who are not lawyers, should not be construed as legal advise in anyway.  Our members and subscribers are authorized to give you non-legal advise or opinions based on their personal knowledge and experience in their particular professions or occupations but said advise is not legal advise. Again, for legal advise consult an attorney through this website, the world wide web or other qualified sources.


Any individual, corporate officer, or business entity that wants to cancel its membership or subscription with and may do so at anytime by sending us a request to be removed via email.

Also, whereas in some countries a Notary Public must be an Attorney [a Lawyer], in the United States of America a Notary Public is not required to be a lawyer and unless he/she graduated from Law School, passed the State Bar, and is eligible to practice law, he/she need not be a lawyer.

Records Retrieval: Records are available from most Courts, City, County, State and Federal Agencies but some restrictions may apply and therefore the Courts and other Authorities decide whether or not the records, cases and/or reports you need will me released to you or a third party. Our fees vary depending on the amount of records [pages] you need, location where the documents are maintained, and our time spent to retrieve the requested records. Before you pay, we will provide you with a written invoice listing the number of pages, etc. A partial refund will be provided if no records are found, otherwise no refunds will be provided once the records have been requested.

Night Clubs listed and/or advertised in this website may include male and female STRIP CLUBS [female strippers & male strippers]. Please adhere to the minimum age limit of 18 years of age [in some U.S. States 21 years of age].

Photographs, Videos & Music depicted in this website are the property of STARS OF THE CARIBBEAN, LLC, its members, subscribers and/or affiliates, including unwitting members, subscribers and/or affiliates.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Unless we are served with a Court Issued SUBPOENA, Court ORDER, or CONFIDENTIAL CREDENTIALING AUDIT, we do not disclose the name of our customers.

FEEDBACK: Whether your comments are positive or negative, please send us an email and tell us what you like and don't like about our services or website.


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