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Need official & important documents from a
City, County, State or Federal Government?

Courts Cases
Copies of Civil Actions, Lawsuits, Criminal Summonses, Complaints, Subpoenas, Case Disposition, Liens, Bankruptcy Filings, Marriage License, Divorce Status and more...

Police Reports
Copies of Complaints, Information, Indictments, Arrest Reports, Arrest Photos, Arrest Warrants, Incident Reports, Tickets/Citations, Vehicle
Registrations and more...

Jail or Prison
Inmate Photos, Dates of Incarceration & Release, Location of incarceration, Medical Records from the Jails/Prisons and more...

Department of Motor Vehicles
Status of Driver's License, VIN Verification for your Car,SUV, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, Jet Skis, Other Vessels, Aircrafts and more...

Medical Records
Certified Copies of Death Certificates, Medical Treatment at Hospitals, Emergency Rooms and/or Clinics, pursuant to a POA.
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